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Kulm, LaMoure County, North Dakota Genealogy of Early German-Russian & Other Settlers from the Jubilee Book 1892-1957

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Kulm, N. Dak. Jubilee Book

This book can, now, be found on line:


Maggie Rosman, Chairman wrote in the Foreword:  

"A view of Kulm's history during the past sixty-five years has brought back memories to the large group of its citizens who have been taking a look at its past."  Maggie Rosman went on to talk about the information  for the book and her appreciation to the Kulm Lions Club who sponsored this book and to the many people who helped.  One other person was mentioned and that was Miss Margaret Rose.  

Now,  I'd like to thank everyone and hope to add to the genealogy of the families who are of German-Russian descent and add my knowledge and links so you, the reader, can add to your own knowledge of what it means to be a German-Russian-American.  

My ancestors who migrated here in the early years of the 1910s were my maternal grandparents Ludwig and Christina, nee Hein, Schweikert (Schweigert).  It was my grandmother Christina who wrote letters back to Borodino, Bess. S. Russia  to her parents, Karl and Katrina, nee Henke, Schweikert that convinced them to migrate to North Dakota 1911.  My great grandfather, Karl, in turn wrote to his father, Jacob Schweikert and his second wife Elisabeth (nee Hager), who were living in Muminby / Crimea {Krim] and asked them to migrate  to North Dakota about 1912.  

Ludwig and Christina Hein would not stay on their farm near Kulm long but venture out and soon Ludwig became a rancher in Montana.  Karl and Katrina Schweikert would live out their lives in Kulm [they did live in Ashely for a time].  Jacob Schweikert would migr. to Idaho and then his widow would migr. to Lodi, CA.  Ludwig and Christina Hein would retire from ranching they moved to Lodi, CA.

I [at the age of six months] and  my parents,  Lillian, nee Hein, and Edwin Remmick, would move from Sidney, MT to Lodi, CA where I would grow up and graduated from Lodi Union High School in 1960.

I have never been to Kulm, ND.  And,  I'm looking forward to learning a great deal more about Kulm.

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Signed  16 Jan. 2002


Judy A. Remmick-Hubert.


See Families of Hein and Schweikert (Schweigert)

History of Kulm, LaMour County, North Dakota, USA

View of Main Street To The South In Early 1900s p. 11 of the Kulm Book....

p. 5

"The townsite of Kulm was established in 1892 on the northwest quart of section 26, township 133, range 66.  The," [railroad company], " Soo Line purchased 160 acres for a townsite and right of way. Wesley Organ appropriated another 40 acres for this purpose.  All of this land had been formerly Weslley Organ's homestead."

p. 10

"In 1906 a city formed government was organized and aldermen elected were: Dan AGrosz, L. J. Guthmueller, M. F. Bauer and J. F. Brenckle.  Treasurer was A. E. Ogden, Justice of the Peace, J.P. Parker, Police Magistrate, A.B. Malin.  

"H. Bergman was appointed City Auditor and P.C. Burfenning was the first mayor."

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For those of you who'd like to know more about the German-Russian Village your ancestors migrated from to the USA and elsewhere.  See my web pages called

German-Russian Villages from "A" to "Zzzz"

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List of those living in and on farms near Kulm, ND mentioned in the Kulm Book [KBk] plus  additional genealogy:

A to Guthmueller.....Haase to Nylamd ..... Ogden to Zellmer


Anderson, Carl O.

Anderson, Emil

Anderson, Erick G.

Anderson, John F.

Arvidson, A.V.

Arvidson, Elaes John


Bader, Daniel b. 21 March 1878 Paris / Bess. S. Russia. Age of six migr. with his parents to Scotland, SD... m. (1) 1 Nov 1900 to Anna Maria Schulz d. 31 Dec 1949.  Issue by first marriage (10); m. (2) 1950 to Wilhelmina Lay  d. 1951 m. (3) 1952 to Katharina Joachim

Bader, Samuel

Beich, Mrs. Reinhold

Bentz, Christian

Bergman, Herman

Bertson, Lewis H.

Berntson, Signort larson

Billigmeier, Peter b. 6 April 1868 Worms/ Od. S. Russia d. 22 July 1956. Mirg. with his parents in 1873 to Bonhomme County n. Scotland, SD and settled in Kulm, ND in 1894  m.  (1) 1895 to Christina Gross; m. (2) widow Christian Borth of Jud.

Bjornson, H. N.

Bjornson, J. A. T. -Norwegian

Bjur, Anton and aEricka

Bjur, Erick

Bjur, Wilhelmina

Blomquist, August

Blomquist, John Edward

Blomquist, Nels E.

Bohnet, Rynhold

Borth, Michael

Bowman,, Eric

Brady, Patrick

Brandt, Fred. C.

Brauer, Christian

Brauer, Michael

Brenckle, Dr. J. F

Brost, David F.

Brost, John P.

Barbara Buechler m. (1) Charles Pruetz  m. (2) J. D. Smith

Buechler, Christian

Buechler, Christina, nee Werre  b. 21 March 1847 Glueckstal / Bess. S. Russia, dau. of ___ Werre d. 29 April 1938. She migr. to Kulm in 1882 m. 1886 to Frederick Buechler d. 1904. They had three children.  See Buechler Page

Buechler, Fredrich

Buechler, Mark A.

Buerkle, Henry

Buerkle, Martin

Burk, E. E.


Carlson, Carl

Chamgers, J.E.


Davidson, J. H.

Davidson, Peter August

Dimick, Lydia Grosz

Dobler, Gottlieb

Doerf, Katie m. Friedrich Buechler

Doering, Mrs. Edward


Elhard, Emanuel

Entzminger, Srl, Philipp

Erbele, J.M.

Erickson, Jonas


Fergusson, Dr. Frederich W.

Fey, Philipp

Flegel, Christian:  b. 14 April 1859 Kulm / Od. S. Russia d. 7 March 1937 Kulm / ND, USA, son of Christian  Flegel and Carolina  _____, m.  1880 to Luise Richter d. 30 March 1938 Kulm / N.D. USA. Migr. to USA in 1892.   Issue:
  1. dau. m. John Mayer
  2. John Flegel
  3. Maria Flegel m. ___Beierle
  4. Daniel Felgel
  5. Sophia Flegel m. ___Pratt
  6. Emmeline Flegel m. ___Ziegenhagel
  7. Frederick Flegel m. Alice E. Hedlund
  8. infant died
  9. infant died
  10. infant died

Flegel, Daniel D.

Flegel, Sr., Frederick: b. 22 Jan 1858 Kulm / Od., S. Russia d. 17 May 1927 Kulm/ND, USA, son of Christian Felgel and Carolina ____,   m. 31 Jan 1886 in Kulm/Od. S. Russia to Louise Kraft b. ___ Kulm/Od. S. Russia d. 24 June 1937 Kulm, ND USA.  Migr to Kulm 13 May 1886..  Issue:
  1. Olga Flegel m. Jacob Ruff
  2. William Flegel
  3. John Felgel
  4. Reinhold Flegel
  5. Otto Flegel
  6. Palma m. Reinhold Beich
  7. Molly Flegel m. C. Clausen
  8. Ellotina Felgel m. Bob Bloomquist
  9. Irvin Fegele

Forsman, Nels

Franz, Sr., Johan
Franz, Jr., John b. 1893, son of John Franz Sr. and Mary Schock, b. 1 May 1893  d. 22 Aug 1972  m. 20 Nov 1913 to Johanna Schweikert (Schweigert) b. 3 Oct 1893 Borodino / Bess. S. Russia  d. 6 May 1993 Ellendale Nursing Center, ND, USA , dau. of Karl Schweikert and Katarina Henke. See photogrpahs.
  •   Issue:
  • Arthur  Franz  b. 3 Oct 1893 Borodino /Bess. d. 23 April 1984 m. Elsie Schalbsz living in Kulm, ND
    • Issue:
    • Cynthia Franz m. Dennis Anderson Issue:
      • Brooks Anderson
      • Brandon Anderson
  • Adeline Franz m. Fred Brandenburger of Kulm, ND
  • Ann Franz m. Clinton Knopp of Ahsley, ND, USA [correction: See letter on correction of the name Knopp]

Fregien, John

Fregien, Theobold


Gackle, Sr., George

Gackle, Jr., George

Gackle, John G.

Gackle, Martin

Cacle, Otto

Gaeckle, Joseph b. 4 Aug 1874 ____ Bess., S. Russia m. 13 July 1896 to Josephine Steinke.  Migr. to Kulm in July of 1900.  Children are listed.


Gehnert, Jacob

Goehner, Fred M.

Goehner, John

Gramita, Peter F.

Grosz - Hollman, Clara, nee

Grosz, Daniel, Sr.

Grosz, Daniel, Sr.

Grosz, Gustave

Grosz, John

Grosz-McSweeney), Lona,  nee

Gruneich, John

Guthmueller, Ludwig: b. 16 1864 Neudorf / Od. S. Russia d. Oct 1938  m. Neudorf/ Od. S. Russia to Catherine Winckler  b. 2 Jan 1864  Worms, Od. S. Russia d. 3 Jan 1926 .  Migr. to USS 1885 to Tyndall, SD  then to Kulm in 1893.... Guthmueller were related to Hoffer family.  See Hoffer.Home.Site  Issue:
  1. Fredrick Guthmueller
  2. William Guthmueller
  3. Clarnce Guthmueller
  4. Allen Guthmueller
  5. Magdlane Guthmueller m. Tiegen
  6. Ida Guthmueller m. Crandall

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