13 th book of Sybila [Sibylla] - The Prophecy of the Queen of Sheba to king Solomen some 587 years before the birth of Christ - Edition:  1816  [German copy].

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der XIII. Sibylla Buch

[The 13th Book of Sybila -

The Prophecy of the Queen of Sheba


King Solomen]

First Edition in German about 1619

Date for booklet above was before 1816. 

Legends about the "true cross"  written down by Cumaean Sibyla [Sybila] from prophecies of Queen Michalda of Sheba to King Solomen.

 The 13th  Book of Sibylla

This book was carried by the Roedel Family who believed in the Second Coming of Christ  and the words spoken  by Queen Michalda of Sheba [Land of the Moors and Egypt] to King Solomen some 587 years before Christ was born. The Roedels traveled  from Wuerttemberg [a German State] into Russia toward the Holy Land in 1816. Because of wars between Russia and Persia they could not continue to Jerusalem until the late-1830s from South Caucasus.


Ludwig Hein's grandmother's families had been part of the "Separatist" group from Wuerttemberg who in 1816/17 traveled through Europe into Russia in hopes to reach the "Holy Lands" for the "Second Coming of Christ" in 1817 as fortold by the prophets.  Read their story by clicking on the following symbol. 

The Revelation of St. John the Devine

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