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[Edenkoben/ SUW, Pfalz - Rhineland, Germany]

Nestled in the rolling Hills next to the Haardt Mountains

Contents of This Web Site In Brief

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Births and Baptizms Recorded in Edenkoben / Palatinate [Pf], Germany


Dates on Early Roemmich Families in Edenkoben


 Deaths Recorded in Edenkoben


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Fact's About Palatinate Index Page

What Is A Palatine?

Where Is Palatinate?

What Is A Wolloon?

Who Were The Rulers of Palatinate?

What German Dialects Is Spoken In Palatinate?

Other Facts.

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Families of Edenkoben from "A" to "Zzzz"

Page on earlier finds of families which seem connected to the Roemmich Clan.

Page on families found on the internet.

John Blankenbaker's Research

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Heidelberg, the Old Capital of Palatinate

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Letters, Edenkoben Connections

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 German Facts

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  MAPS, Index of All Maps on All Remmick-Hubert Sites

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  Migration of Edenkoben Families

  • To USA from Edenkoben
  • To Russia from Edenkoben
    • To USA from Russia  .............

Sailing Ship

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Ochsner Family

Families connected to Ochsner are:

Photographs of  Remmick-Hubert's Web Sites, Complete List of

Fountain in Edenkoben -1991

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  Roemig Families

.List of Roemig from Germany to USA in early 1700s plus several E-mail inquiries with interesting data.

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Remmick  /  Remick / Roemmich  /  Roemich / Roemig / Roemigius Ancestors From Edenkoben are:

Families of Edenkboen from "A" to "Zzzz"

Alphabetical List of All Known Ancestors in 15 Generations of Hein-Remmick - Updated 5 June 2002

Early Dates for Roemmich/ Roemich families in Edenkoben


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Sources for Remmick Families


Web Sites of Families Linked To Edenkoben

Edenkoben. Home Site Pages In Brief:

Page 28 for Remmick Family Home Site & Index Page for Edenkoben Home Site : [You Are There]

  • Index

Page 1

  • Old Fountain (B/W)
  • Early dates of Roemmich family in Edenkoben

Page 2

  • Birth Records of Ednekoben
  • Photograph of Catholic Church, Front View


  • Death Records of Edenkoben
  • Photograph


  • Peek Through An Archway to See A Private Yard

Page 3

  • Marriages Dates Known
  • Marriage Dates Unkown
  • Letters From Des. of Edenkoben Families

Page 4

  • Migration Lists
    • To Edenkoben
    • To Russia
    • To USA
  • Roemig Family

Page 5

  • Families of Edenkoben from "A" to "Zzzz"
  • Photograph of Old Building Like Those I had Seen in Rothenburg

Page 6

  • Ochsner Families


  • Ochsner Families continued....
    • Theodore C. Wenzlaff, In Memory of 

Page 6.3

  • Ochsner Families continued....
    • Migration of Ochsner from Switzerland

Page 6.4

  • Ochsner Families continued....
    • Schmierer Family
    • Winterrott Family

Page 6.5

  • Ochsner Families continued....
    • Walter [Walder de Blois]
    • Waloon History

Page Ochsner 1798

  • Ochsner Families continued....
    • Nikolalus Ochsner  b. 25 May 1798 Edenkoben, Pf. and families m. (1) Weikum; m. (2) Wust


  • Ochsner Families continued....
    • Johann Jacob Ochsner  b. 29 Dec. 1801 Edenkoben, Pf., m. (1) Roemmich; m. (2) Griess


  • Ochsner Families continued....
    • Philipp Dieter [Dietrich] Ochsner , shoemaker, b.  15 July 1804/5 m. possibly Schoeppe/Schoepfel  


  • Ochsner Families continued....
    • Georg  Michael Ochsner  b. 30 Dec 1836 m. Horst


  • Ochsner Families continued....
    • Peter Ochsner b. 27 April 1844 Worms/O d. 24 April 1900 Podqurjewka, Russia m. Weikum


  • Ochsner Families continued....
    • Podqurjewka, Russia - Main House


  • 6 Ochsner Families' Chutors

Page 7

  • Links to Web Sites

Map #1  Page

  • #1 map of Edenkoben - closer view

Page 100  

  • Letters / E-mail from des. of Edenkoben Families

Page Letters continued

PageRoemig Letters continued

Page 101

  • Photogrpahs of Edenkoben - Main Street  plus a list

Page 102

  • Photographs of Edenkboen - Panoramic View with Enlargements

Page 103

  • Photograph of Edenkoben - American Folk Hero which looks  like it might be Daniel Boone in Town Center

Page Web Sites

  • Links to other homesites about Edenkoben

Photographs in this web site are:

  • See List Above

Edenkoben / Landau in Palatinate Photographs Home Site

Index Page

  • Edenkoben Marker
  • Speyer Marker

Page  1

  • Modern Road Signs to Edenkoben which show hills behind Ednekoben

Page 2

  • Edenkoben Fountain in  old center of  town (Color)
  • Front Door of the Old Protestant Church - Edenkoben

Page 3

  • Old Protestant Church - Side View
  • Marker of Gen. Buechler

Page 4

  • Old Grape Press

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